• LexpressProperty (immobilier)
• LexpressCars (automobile)
• LexpressPetitesAnnonces (petites annonces globales)
• (home & deco)
• Luxury Indian Ocean (l'univers du luxe)

Set up in 2008, Mediatiz Ltd is a subsidiary of La Sentinelle specialising in on-line classified ads and specialist publications. It serves as an intermediary to bring the general public into contact with Mauritian business companies, and thereby facilitate access to local products and services in Mauritius.
Mediatiz supports the following titles:
• LexpressProperty (real estate)
• LexpressCars (motoring)
• LexpressPetitesAnnonces (wide-ranging small ads)
• (home & deco)
• Luxury Indian Ocean (luxury)
With some fifty employees in 2020, the Mediatiz team is highly motivated and aims to provide a dynamic, professional and interconnected service. Those who want to boost the visibility of their products and/or services can telephone us on 266 1300 or contact us by e-mail:

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