Responsilibities of the General Manager

The General Manager reports to the Board of Directors and is overall responsible for maintaining the smooth and efficient running and management of the business units forming part of La Sentinelle Group.
Responsibilities include:
• To manage the businesses of the Group with a focus on operating at increased efficiency and profitability with a view to achieve highest standards in the industry.
• To direct the Group’s operations to meet financial, budgetary and other established objectives as approved by the Board.
• To be responsible for the overall Quality strategy of the Group; including implementation of Quality Management systems, quality audits, training and development programs for Quality so as to ensure best management practices and highest standards of quality of our services and products;
• To analyse operations, to evaluate the performance of the Group, its managers and staff, in meeting objectives, including quality objectives and to determine areas of potential cost reduction, program improvement or policy change.
• To establish performance goals and systems for monitoring them and allocate resources to achieve the overall objectives of the Group.
• To ensure that appropriate policies and practices are adopted within the Group, that these policies and practices are implemented effectively, that performance is effectively monitored and that guidance or direction is given where appropriate.
• To ensure that the strategic direction of the Group as advised by the Chairman and approved by the Board is followed.
• To direct the corporate development activities of the Company, Subsidiaries and Associated Companies and to ensure that proposals for major investments, licensing arrangements, mergers, acquisitions, disinvestments, closures and significant operational developments are properly evaluated and discussed with the Chairman, prior to their presentation to the Board.
• To discuss strategic, business and operational issues, including practical implications of strategic decisions taken or to be taken by the Board, with the Chairman.
• As a “player coach”, to promote a healthy team environment by providing mentoring, personal guidance and counselling as required.
• With the Chairman, to ensure the effective succession planning of managers so that succession to their appointments is done for the smooth running of the Group.
• To promote sound business relations with business-centric stakeholders, including relations with suppliers, customers, the financial community, business organisations and, other public organisations.
• To hire and fire Managers and fix their remuneration and conditions of service. As to staff of non-managerial level, - except the editorial team, the General Manager has full discretion to hire, fire and settle on conditions of service, except in cases where he wishes, because there is need ( eg conflicts of interest), to consult the Chairman. However, the General Manager shall assess and decide with the approval of the Chairman upon the feasibility of projects proposed by the Group Publication Manager in so far as their financial implications are concerned.
• To be responsible for collecting and analyzing information from customers, the market and the industry and to devise strategies that respond to the requirements of key stakeholders.
• To be a key player in the formulation of strategies and objectives and for their successful implementation.
• To be accountable for the overall performance of the Group.
• Any other responsibilities as may be assigned by the board.